"High Spin Extractor Microprocessor Operated "

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WE 60, Washer Extractor

WE 30, 60 High Spin Washer Extractor with 380 G-force

The most versatile version fo washer extractor from European associate company. The machine with identical results is good for chemical, enzyme, bleaching & soap washes.


  • Washing with high sin extraction for easier loading & unloading.
  • Mainly stainless steel body & inner parts.
  • Heavy duty coil springs with compatible shockers to absorb the vibrations.
  • Fully automatic operations through LC / Microprocessor.
  • Preset programs gives the flexibility to operate as desired and also to modify the working cycle as needed.
  • Single motor with frequency control device provides adjustable drum speed for various types of washing & reduces power required.
  • Minimum water consumption results in saving energy & reduces operating cost.
  • Comes with auto timing, auto reverse, auto level selection and digital temperature control. Auto operation of water, steam and drain valves, safety devices against single phasing & motor overload.
  • Gravitational force of upto 320 - 380 G
  • 5 external liquid supply dispensers.

Technical Specifications:

Model WE 30 WE 60
Capacity kg 30 60
Basket size mm 900x500/318 1100x650/617
Motor kw 5.0 10.0
Speed rpm 810 720
Door opening mm 500 650
Water connection inch 1.5 2.0
Drain inch 03 03
Heating steam kg/hr 30 60
Heating electric kw 15 18
Dimension mm 1450x1480x1750 1650x1880x2050
Weight kg 1260 2150


Product Review

"Good Afternoon sir/Madam I need price list of your washing machine we30 and we60"

- Sai Teja, Manager

Product Review

"I want buy this machine.please tell me price . thank you very much for your help."

- Debasish Maity, Owner

Product Review

"I need any Pre used laundry machine so send photo , details & price. Thanks"

- Shashikant Vadhel, Owner
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