"Particularly recommended for dyeing processes under nitrogen atmosphere "

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Nitrogen Dyeing Machine G1 LD-LD1 LJ-LJ1 N2 (sampling) 70

Sampling Nitrogen dyeing machine. Performance, flexibility and energy savings are but a few of the features of the new G1 N2 Dyeing Machine conceived by Tonello.


  • The result of on-going research, G1 N2 allows dyeing processes to be carried out in a Nitrogen atmosphere, considerably limiting the use of reducing agents, ensuring a cleaner and safer work environment and guaranteeing substantial economic savings as well as improved stability in the dyeing processes.
  • The G1 N2 automatic machine is equipped with a 101° kit which keeps it completely closed; it has a controlled dosing of nitrogen, dyestuff and chemical and, on request, can also be equipped with the special Jet system to dye with 1:2 liquor ratio on wet garments.
  • This is an eco-friendly machine, drastically reducing the use of polluting chemical products and, being extremely adaptable, it allows - a part from the nitrogen application - any standard dyeing process to be carried out as well.


Model G1 70 LD/LJ G1 70 LD1/LDJ
Cylinder volume (l) 700 565
Cylinder diameter (mm) 1323 1323
Cylinder depth (mm) 510 510
Variable speed (rpm) 0/200 0/200
Installed power (kw) 7,5 7,5
Height (mm) 2070 2070
Width (mm) 2100 2100
Depth (mm) 1470 1470


One year from the date of invoice

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