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Dyeing Machine G1 LD-LD1-LJ-LJ1 (sampling) 70

Tonello software works to optimize the machine’s functions and enables the programming of a larger number of automatic programmes.
Using a USB stick, it’s possible to transfer recipes between the various machines and, thanks to an Ethernet network connection, the entire process can be controlled from a main computer in the office


  • Automatic garment dyeing machine.
  • These machines, fine-tuned and patented by the Tonello Research department, work with an open pocket and high speed system.
  • It can also be equipped with the JET system which considerably reduces the liquor ratio (1:2 wet garment).
  • The series is equipped with a ‘colours kitchen’ that enables the best possible introduction of coloring's and products thus guaranteeing high quality and consistent dyeing.
  • Equipped with pre-extractor.


Model G1 70 LD/LJ G1 70 LD1/LJ  
Cylinder volume (1) 700 565  
Cylinder diameter (mm) 1323 1323  
Cylinder depth (mm) 510 510  
Variable speed (rpm) 0/200 0/200  
Installed power (kw) 7,5 7,5  
Height (mm) 2070 2070  
Width (mm) 2100 2100  
Depth (mm) 1470 1470  


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