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Eco-Friendly Professional Spray and Chemical Application Cabinets

In this system, the air is flushed by the nozzles. Any chemical or permanganate particles unavoidable by water screen are bound by those flushing nozzles.


  • The construction of chemical application cabinet consists of 304 Cr-Ni stainless steel panels.
  • The water curtain, water tank and filtration tank having a thickness of 2 mm, and the tank on the top area having a thickness of 1.5 mm are all made of 304 Cr-Ni stainless steel.
  • The nozzles can be cleaned when needed, as they are easily detachable.
  • There are two different separate valves functioning in order to adjust the pressure of the top carriage container and nozzles.
  • There is a double filtration system for the water, which is carried by the pump from the bottom tank to the one located on top of the cabinet.
  • By this double filtration system, the impurity of water is prevented. The water used in the system is discharged by an relief valve.
  • The chemical particles are bound properly by the help of the water screen and air flushing system.
  • There are two fan absorption units at the bottom and center sections of the water screens.
  • By this system, a very effective absorption is achieved and the diffusion of chemical odour through the environment is prevented.
  • The electrical board having the necessary thermal and contractor protections is located on the cabinet.
  • The length of the cabinet varies depending on the number of robots.


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