"This system is running with air only, no electricity is required "

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Dosing System

Automatic Dosage System consists of dosage pump, spray gun, dosage unit and hose pipe connection sections


  • The resin or chemicals with small particles are loaded in the dosage unit and the chemical amount that would be applied onto the garment is adjusted from the unit.
  • With the help of dosage pump, the chemicals are conveyed to the spray gun.
  • The main advantage of this system is that the chemical application is done equally on each garment as the spraying mechanism is operated automatically, on quantity basis, without the sprayer’s control.
  • Additionally, with this system, there is no physical effort required from the spraying person, as there is no tank on top of spray gun.
  • This also affects the quality of work done so much.
  • The capacity of Automatic Dosage System is 400 CC.
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