• stain remover for clothes

"A very good remover of grease and oil stains "

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Sprayway Spot Lifter SW 833

833 Spot Lifter contains no chlorinated solvents. It is a great stain remover for clothes as it remove oil from fabric and also oil stains from slipcovers, clothing, hats, and neckties. It also can remove grass stains and most food spots. Stains containing sugar from food or drinks may need to be sponged with water after being treated with Spray No. 833.


  • Meets all USA manufacturing, regulatory, and shipping standards.
  • Designed without chlorinated solvents to meet today’s health environment requirements.
  • Excellent for removing oil and grease stains on fabrics without leaving rings.
  • Safe to use on wool, knitted, cotton, silk, and synthetic materials.
  • Ease of use, simple application help to meet shipment dates when faced with stains on finished garments.

Technical Specifications

Model Name

SW 833

Can size 16 oz.
Shipping weight 12 cans per box
Packaged 4 boxes per shipping carton
Shipping Weight 11 lbs.
IME number 011-651-632-9275

Product Review

"I want to purchase 1 cartoon"

- Mohammed Alam, United Arab Emirates

Product Review

"i need 6 pes spot lifter for knits garment oil stain removing"

- Jagendra Singh, Generaal Manager

Product Review

"Please, rate per master cartoon "

- Md.Abdul Halim, Owner

Product Review

"we are need 50 pcs .pls give me best Price. . Thanks"

- Md. Ahsan Habib Amir, Managing Director

Product Review

"please support me .. I need quotation for sprayway spot lifter 833 asap best regards"

- benny, mr
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