"Removes Sewing Machine Oil Stains in Seconds "

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Sprayway Spot Lifter 830

Removes oil and grease stains and deals with all types of fabrics.


  • Special formula for any fabric clothing operation.
  • Excellent for removing oil and grease stains on fabrics without leaving rings.
  • Safe to use on wool, knitted, cotton, silk, and synthetic materials.
  • Ease of use, simple application help to meet shipment dates when faced with stains on finished garments.
  • Industrial strength formula.
  • For any operation that deals with cloth fabric.
  • Removes tar, fresh paint, grease and oil stains from auto or furniture upholstery, slipcovers, carpeting, wallpaper, clothing, hats and neckties.
  • Guaranteed to leave neither stains or rings.

Technical Specifications

Model Name

SW 830

Can size 16 oz.
Fluid 16.1 oz.
Shipping weight 12 cans per box
Packaged 4 boxes per shipping carton
UPC number 041911009454

Product Review

"We have urgent requirement for spotlifter 830 Please contact immedeately.if u can pls send a quote for 12 nos of bottle"

- Santhosh, Store manager
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