JUKI, Japan

JUKI, Japan is committed to Customers Satisfaction. In an effort to understand the needs of the customer,  JUKI manufactures the entire range of Sewing machines for Woven and Knit fabrics, Leather and Heavy Duty Machines and Automatics. JUKI is present all over the world and supports its customers through top quality products, parts and service. IIGM is among the top three Agent and Distributor,  across the world.

LZ-2280A Series

The machine has adopted JUKI’s established genuine hook and thread take-up lever. ...

Application: Woven / Knits

LZ-2280N Series

The sewing machine produces soft seams with consistency with a low tension applied to the thread even when it runs at a high...

Application: Woven / Knits

LZ-2290A Series

The machine is provided with many different stitching patterns ...

Application: Woven / Knits


The machine is able to perform T-shape stitching and zigzag pattern stitching to broaden its range of applications. ...

Application: Woven / Knits


Beautifully finished seams free from needle swaying or material breakage are assured every time. ...

Application: Woven / Knits


All-purpose sewing machine, capable of embroidering and zigzag stitching, as well as straight stitching. ...

Application: Any fabric

LZ-2290C Series

Semi-Dry head, Digital Zigzag Stitch Sewing System ...

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