Kansai Special, Japan

Morimoto Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1927. Its key brand is  Kansai Special which is a bench-mark for quality and reliability. Our mission is that Morimoto Mfg. expands the alternative global network which is based on our standard framework  'Development', 'Production', and 'Sales'. To complete our mission, 'Tech Innovation' and 'Speed' are absolutely essential, hence we have been flexible and creative to meet market needs.

DFB/BX Series

DFB, BX series are a flatbed, multi needles, double chain stitch machine ...

Application: Attaching elastic and attaching preclosed elastic

FX Series

FX Series is a versatile multi-needle, cylinder bed, double chain stitch machine with vertical looper movement mechanism. ...

Application: Attaching elastic & line tape to sweat pants, pajamas, trunks and similar garments

DX Series

DX Series is a cylinder bed (circumference 340m/m), poly-needle (4-5 needles), double chain stitch machine with a horizontal...

Application: Attaching elastic & preclosed elastic

FBX Series

FBX Series is a cylinder bed, 2-6 needle double chain stitch machine with needle feed ...

Application: Sewing waistbands of medium heavy to heavy materials
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