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VG Series

Multi Module Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine


VG2700, VG2730, VG2740, VG3721, VG2713, VG2790, VG2779S, VG2779E, VG2735PR, VG2703, VG2742PR, VG2740P, VG2790SM, VG2792, VG2760, VG2708-WFB.


  • New needle thread take- up system-Neat finish & Easy threading
  • Sealed Upper Needle Bar-Safe & Clean
  • Easily Switchable Needle Bar Stroke. It can be switched from 31mm to 33mm by simply turning an electric pin on the needle bar
  • Short Cylinder bed : From needle drop point to the left end of cylinder bed is only 45mm, 30mm shorter than conventional model.
  • Operators can handle the fabric easily without obstruction especially when the machine is used for covering and top stitching.Extensive cover is available when sewing small parts such as sleeves of & T-Shirt, etc.
  • New feeding system :Micro Adjuster is introduced for easy and precise control of stitch length and differential ratio. Also, durability of feed mechanism is improved as "Linear Differential Feeding System" is introduced
  • New looper thread take-up CAM system. The CAM is located outside the machine frame for easy adjustment and removal
  • Sub-models available with compact servo motor mounted on the machine head.he outer lever enables easy assembly and adjustment of foot lifter without removing top cover.
  • High Durability
  • Quick & Easy Maintenance


Technical Specifications

Model VG Series
No. of needles 3(2)
No. of threads 5(4,3)
Stitch length 1.4-3.6(*1)
Presser foot lifter 5.5-9(*3)

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"I'm interested in your valuable all products catelogue and price list taxes and transportation with procedure, payments schedules and documentation. Thank you with best regards."

- LALAN KUMAR, Co founder and Director

Product Review

"Please share yours Gurgaon office's contact No. Very Useful Products to Present to Garment Export Industry. "

- Suresh Kumar Bagaria, Prop.

Product Review

"Best worldwide Products in sewing Industry."

- Suresh Kumar Bagaria, Prop.

Product Review

"Please share yours Gurgaon office's contact No. "

- Suresh Kumar Bagaria, Prop.

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- Prashant Mishra , Production & Sales

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"I want sewing machine for boutique "

- Lakshmi , Designer
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