"No leakage by special sealing technology "

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2 - 3 Needles Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine


  • Minimal lubrication :Introduction of high-tech mechanical parts to reduce friction dramatically.
  • Stable & Pin point Lubrication to moving parts 
  • No Leakage :Special seals are installed in ends of each bushing above fabric. These seals are designed to prevent excess oil from dripping on fabric.
  • In the sewing cylinder area a special "Oil Wiper" is installed at the end of the looper bar.
  • Highly versatile from fleece to microfiber.
  • Active thread control makes ideal thread balance control to form any desired seam, with less stress given to each thread.
  • Adjustment from soft to tight seam can be done simply and visibly to minimize required skills and downtime.
  • Ideal seam over wide range

  • Non-stain technology and wide variety of sewing condition gives you high quality
  • Easy maintenance

Switchable needle bar stroke

Looper thread take-up CAM System

Foot Lifter lever Mechanism 

Technical Specifications




No. of needles 3(2)
No. of threads 5(4)
Needle gauge





Stitch length 1.4-3.6
Presser foot lifter 7.5 (max)
Needle bar stroke 31
Speed 6,000

Product Review

"I need quotation fo machine "

- Bablu Kumar , Begusarai

Product Review

"Hi this is hamid ans wondering coverstitch machine vc2700g_8 so please can u say is it fully auto or manul and whats the price please thanks"

- Hamid, Tailoring

Product Review

"Dear sir, I want to a instructions books of Yamato vc2700G-8 coverstitch machine "

- Shaidul islam , Sr mechanic
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