"Supports many different button sewing specifications independently "

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Computer-controlled, Dry-head, High-speed, Single-thread, Chainstitch Button Sewing Machine


  • The machine is able to independently sew various stitching shapes such as U-shaped stitching, X-shaped stitching and Z-shaped stitching
  • Shorter lengths of thread remain after thread trimming
  • The dry-head eliminates oil stains
  • The machine sews buttons with beautifully finished seams
  • The machine is equipped as standard with thread-fray-prevention function
  • Difference in knot-tying method
  • The quality of the seams was verified in the laundry test: After 200 repeated machine washing seams came untied 0 (zero) times.
  • The machine offers outstanding productivity
  • Excellent maintainability and operability
  • The machine responds to many different button sewing specifications.

Technical Specifications

Model Name MB-1800B (With wiper unit) MB-1800S MB-1800A/BR10(With button feeder)
Max. sewing speed 1,800rpm
Amount of feed     Crosswise feed 0~10mm. Lengthwise feed 0~6.5mm Crosswise feed 0~0.4mm. Lengthwise feed 0~0.4mm
Lift of the button clamp Max. 14mm
Needle bar stroke 48.6mm
Feed system By stepping motor
Knot-tying mechanism Provided as standard
Lubrication No lubrication


One year from the date of invoice against any manufacturing defects.


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