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Single/Double Jersey Open width Circular Knitting machine

Baiyuan offers complete flexibility and choice to customers to select parts like positive yarn feeders from
Chinese or European suppliers like Memninger, oiler from Chinese and Memninger. Needle you can choose
Chinese or groz-beckert of course it comes with optional cost but you can get best of the machine. They are
Using Japanese steel to make cylinders and using CNC machines to produce cams & sinkers and other parts. 

The open width device is matured and meticulously engineered with standard quality. The device operates
over the entire fabric with an even takedown and equally even fabric wind-on.

No centre crease, no fabric distortion, precise cutting, gentle handling and reliable operation.
Less wastage; less cost; more production; more profit.

Suitable material; cotton; synthetic yarns, blended yarns, silk yarn and synthetic wool

Better for fine gauge fabric, the fabric above 32G is suitable to the synthetic yarns below 50D and the cotton
yarns above 80S. The fabric is thin, light, fine and nice, much good for top grade garment. 

Performance Parameter: 

Diameter - 11" - 44''

Gauge - 9G - 52G

Product Review

" I want Double jersey open with circular knitting machine diameter:32 Gauge 24 Fider 96/84 please send fob price "

- Umesh, Owner
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