"The most robust collar point trimming & turning machine "

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Collar Point Trimming and Turning Machine NS-76-B

Collar Point Trimming and Turning Machine

NS-82P -  Collar Blocking Machine

NS-75 - Collar Point Trimming Machine

NS-76A/NS-76B - Collar Point Trimming and Turning Machine


  • NS-82P is special for collar blocking. Digital thermostat and PLC control for more accurate time and temperature setting, ensure more perfect collar blocking effect. Automatic material stacking for high efficiency.
  • NS-75 for trimming excess margin of collar tip.
  • NS-76A and NS-76B have collar turning needle. Angle of the upper trimming cutter is adjustable, only bottom cutter has to be changed.


Technical Specifications

Model NS-75 NS-76A NS-76B NS-82P
Power Supply - - - 1PH/220V/50Hz
Total Power (kW) - - - 2.7
Compressed air pressure (kgf/cm2) 3~5 3~5 3~5 5
Compressed air consumption (L/min) 10* 15* 15* 100*
Net Wt. (kg) 42 36* 43* 180
Gross Wt. (kg) 62 62* 78* 230
Machine size (mm) 760x500x1030 665x450x1235 760x520x870 1170x970x1190*
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