"Trim and turn of collar point, for all collar shapes with true quality "

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Collar Blocking NS - 81P

Trim and turn of collar point, for all collar shapes, with easy touch screen operations and high production efficiency.


  • With collar tip trimming, turning and blocking function.
  • Apply PLC and human friendly touch screen for operation
  • Apply electric heating and independent digital thermostat for temperature control
  • This machine provides many operation modes for selection and it could be debugged and repaired under manual operation mode
  • Pressing mould is long enough to press the whole collar
  • Automatic clamp can fix collar position, reduce labor force
  • High production efficiency and could finish 1800 to 2000pcs of collar every 8 hours
  • Additional 75* and 90* cutters are available for purchasing

Technical Specificaions

Technical Specificaions for NS - 81P
Power Supply 1PH/220V/50Hz
Heater Power (kW) 2.6
Max. Pressing Length (inch)
Compressed Air Consumption (L/min) 240
Compressed Air Pressure (kgf/cm²) 5
Net Weight (kg) 180
Machine Size (mm) 1310x950x1180

Product Review

"We need to ns 81 Part book and sarvice manual "

- Bachan singh , Mantinance head

Product Review

"We need to sarvice manul ns 81p and part book.pdf "

- Bachan singh , Mantinance head

Product Review

"giup do~ su?a chu~a "

- hô`ng , su?a chu~a

Product Review

"Can you send me the catalogue of collar turning and blocking machine"

- james ngatia, kenya
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