Barudan, Japan

In 1959, Barudan invented the world’s first multi-head Embroidery machine in Japan. Since then, Barudan has a number of inventions to its credit, including the world’s first Computerized Muti-head Embroidery machine. Working with their Corporate motto ″Working in Harmony″ Barudan provides its customers with its dependable and reliable Embroidery machines, in multiple configurations.

BEXS series (Y)

Fast & Reliable Special Round Head Embroidery Machine for Medium/Big Embroidery Orders. ...

Application: Big Embroidery Production

BEXS series (S)

High Speed Flat Head Embroidery Machine for Medium/ Big Embroidery orders. ...

Application: Big Embroidery Production

BEXS series (High Speed)

High efficiency with newly developed jump mechanism with Max. Speed 1200 rpm.   ...

Application: High Speed Embroidery

BEXS-C series (S)

Barudan's drop table machine for Medium / Big Embroidery orders.   ...

Application: To do embroidery on Ready made Caps & Garments.

BEXY-II series

Super fast Production for Smaller Embroidery Orders. ...

Application: Embroidery Machines for smaller Embroidery orders.


Special 12 Head High Speed Compact Machine. ...

Application: High Speed Compact Machine

BEXY-C II series (S)

Compact, Fast and Reliable Machine. Easily movable from one place to other, can pass through Small door of 3 ft.  &n...

Application: Perfect Model for a Variety of Order Sizes.