• BEXS series (High Speed)

"High productivity with max.speed 1200rpm. "

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BEXS series (High Speed)

High efficiency with newly developed jump mechanism with Max. Speed 1200 rpm.


We are very proud to introduce our newest BARUDAN high speed multi head embroidery machine with a maximum speed of 1200rpm.
Having a LAN Connection and Networking makes Production Control easier than you ever imagined.Backed by the most advanced technology, the BEXS will change your concept of embroidery machines.


  • Maximum speed of 1200rpm.
  •  LAN Connection and Networking makes Production Control easier than you ever imagined.
  • Backed by the most advanced technology
  • Standard USB memory

Machine Specifications

Machine Main Dimensions

Product Review

"I am looking multi head machine"

- Thiyagaselvam, Properator

Product Review

"Sequence embroidery machine 24 had lani hy"

- Mussadaq Hussain , Embroidery

Product Review

"I want to buy embroidery machines "

- Anish shah, Manufacturer

Product Review

"I need a embodary machine that can be work in wool and silk therd "

- niranjan rathore, Director

Product Review

"Hello, Im interest in buy a embroidery machine barudan brand BEXS-918H or 915H high speed, how much is it? Thank you very much,"

- Carlos, spain

Product Review

"Who is your authorised dealer in India"

- Drishti Choudhary, M.D

Product Review


- biswasjit basak, basak

Product Review

"BARUDAN MACHINE 4 HEAD and 6 head wanted"


Product Review

"Need to buy"

- Shikha, Director
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