"Cuts virtually all knitted and woven fabric.  "

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Euro collarette 50

Svegea's semi automatic machines are economical yet robust.


  • Semi Automatic
  • Cuts virtually all knitted fabric.
  • Simple and precise measurement scales makes the machine easy to adjust and operate.
  • Produces top quality – relaxed binding.
  • Very low waste.
  • Cutting knives of high-grade Swedish steel.
  • Limited working parts for very low maintenance.
  • Economically priced.


Technical Specifications

Technical data for Euro Collarette 50 Semi automatic
Tubular Fabric width 27 cm - 8 cm, (11" - 8") Some elasticity required in the fabric
Band width 16 mm - 200 mm, (5/8" - 8") Small tubular diameter fabrics reuse the ability to cut the very wide bands
Max no. of bands 3 (4 bands with additional knife unit)
Cutting capacity 0 - 30 m/min, 0 - 33 yard/min
Cutting system Crush cutting (Available on request with sharp knife system)
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