"High-efficient working performance "

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WS-9011, Automatic Out-Seam Sewing Machine

Automatic Out-seam sewing machine for suit pants


High-efficient working performance

  • Highly automatic, intelligentised, user-friendly, easy-to-operate, stable and reliable.
  • The accurate feeding control by servo motor can rapidly and efficiently solve the sewing of outseam thread on the left leg of suit pants, and reduce the occurrence rate of artificial poor stitches and arcs and the labor intensity of operator.
  • Rapidly adjust the out-seam width and length and automatically control the start/end points of stitching through exact scanning with electronic sensor and measurement of stitching length.
  • The system realizes initial and final back stitching or dense stitching, and the stitch length and quantity within effective range may be arbitrarily set.
  • Equipped with completely-overlapped working mode, extremely improving the production efficiency.

Novel and unique equipment

  • The automatic compensation for presser foot height obtains ideal sewing effect under different thickness of trousers waist.
  • 7-inch touch screen displaying in Chinese language: easy operation, PLC control, stable operation and accurate location.
  • Real-time automatic monitoring guarantees the sewing precision.

Technical Specifications

Model WS-9011
Maximum sewing speed 3000 stitches/min
Outseam for left top fly of suit pants 2000 ironed pieces/480min
Preset outseam width 4 pieces
Rated voltage/V 220
Working air pressure/Mpa 0.5
Dimension, mm 1250Lx1150Wx1600H
Weight/kg 230


Product Review

"I need shirt and pant fully automatic machine"

- Hemanshu Mehta , Partner

Product Review

"Please price list and I want to demo machine."

- Govindaraj, CEO

Product Review

"Dear sir, I need auto-shirt making machine. Please your products details and price list as soon as possible."

- Govindaraj, Partner
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