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WS-8700, Automatic Big Pasting Machine

Automatic Big pasting machine.

The automatic pocket pasting machine (WS-8700) is a new generation of high-end sewing equipment developed by Weishi Company.


  • By applying industrial computer control technology, this machine can realize the automation of feeding, overlapping and setting for flower-shaped sewing and by replacing the traditional external large motor, the driving part of head is directly driven by servo motor, which saves space and power.
  • As for the material, the new type light material with high strength is applied for this machine and all the important spare parts are completed by machining center and laser cutting technology, which ensures the quality of whole machine.

        Novel and unique equipment

  • A perfect product quality is reached by adopting the nonrecurring completion process of folding and sewing.
  • It is provided with rapid mode changing function and the sewing route may be automatically generated by introducing the CAD curve.
  • The shape of the bag mouth for sewing (round angle right angle and oblique angle) can be set randomly, and the material will be automatically collected upon sewing completion so as to meet the production requirements.
  • The transition technology with air cushion is adopted for feeding mode to ensure an accurate and stable feeding.


Technical Specifications

Model WS-8700
Head installation DDL-9000B-MS lockstitch sewing machine
Main shaft control servo motor control
Maximum sewing speed/rpm 300
Stitch length/mm 1-3
Cloth feeding mode servo cloth feeding in XIY direction
Sewing scope/mm X=200 and Y=200
Operating voltage/V 380
Operating air pressure/Mpa 0.5
Machine size/mm 1700Lx1500Wx1450H
Machine weight/kg 400
Air consumption/L/min 200

Product Review

"Please share quotation and product catalogue "

- Sumeet Kalani, Technical Advisor

Product Review

"Required automatic machines for stitching men's formal trouser,shirt, ladies dresses tops etc "

- Pawan Kumar jain, Proprietor

Product Review


- Jagdish, Cutting master

Product Review

"I want to know the price and feature of machine"

- Kartikey gupta, Director

Product Review

"Hi please I need help for W S-8700 machine thank you"

- Ashraf, Maintenance Engineer . technical support

Product Review

"Let me know the price "

- Vishal, P M

Product Review

"Operation manual "

- Jashim, Engineer
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