"A machine for treating denim and dyed garments with a laser "

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Laser Blaze TM

The action of the laser produces variations in intensity of colour and so produces a greater variety of different imaginative effects, images and designs


  • The intensity of the result depends as much on the power of the laser as on the characteristics of the fabric
  • It guarantees the re productivity of the effect and also higher productivity
  • The software, developed by Tonello technicians, enables greater update flexibility, one example being the scraping effect which very quickly transforms a standard design into an image with a 'manual brushing' effect
  • In addition, Tonello supplies all its customers with a library of drawings and projects to make the production process easier



Model Laser Blaze TM 250/350
Installed power (kw) 17,0
Height (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 4,300
Depth (mm) 3,700
Compressed air 7

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"Deer Sir, tell me the price of Laser Blaze 250 BM machine tks"

- mrthang, laser Blaze
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