"Highly efficient & energy saving extractor "

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HE 25, Hydro Extractor

HE 07, 12, 25, 50 Hydro Extractor provided with:

  • High operational fluency

  • User-friendly applications

  • Less maintenance

  • Direct Drive

  • Auto DC injection brake

  • Basket is directly mounted on heavy duty motor resting on base frame with in built rubber buffer cushions


  • High Speed, Short cycle duration, energy saving

  • Auto timed, built in safety devices, electrically interlocked top lid stops the machine when opened

  • Self balancing for vibration free and noiseless operations.

  • Inner basket & outer drum are SS 304

  • Strong argon arc welded construction, epoxy painted heavy base frame.

  • Wall mounted separate electric panel, completely safe against sparking.

Technical Specifications:

Model HE 07 HE 12 HE 25 HE 50
Capacity kgs 07 12 25 50
Basket size mm 300x225 450x300 700x300 900x350
Basket speed rpm 960 960 900 850
Extract motor 0.5 hp 1.0 hp 3.0 hp 10 hp
Drain size inches 1.0 2.0 2.5 4.0
Dimensions LxBxH mm 600x710x825 800x900x920 925x1100x1070 1230x1300x1220
Weight kg 140 280 510 780


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