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Garment Printing Machine


  • This revolutionary horizontal plotter reproduces images and/or colour variations thanks to special heads generating microscopic drops of colour, perfectly placed according to the program.
  • Unlike the ordinary plotters, Leonardo operates at different heights even on the most difficult details such as seams, pockets and buttons.
  • It can easily print on both the inside and outside of the garments without altering the feel of the fabric.
  • Pre-print equipment is not necessary meaning that you can create very simple patterns either on the entire garment or just part of it.
  • Thanks to the innovative Tonello software absorbing data quickly and precisely, the sampling phase is fast and flexible.
  • In addition, Leonardo works with the same colours and pigments used in the dyeing houses saving a lot of costs.
  • Five or more colours can be loaded to be mixed directly on garments.
  • The print composition is controlled by a special program that manages the image position and the colours sampling.
  • Leonardo can also be equipped with an automated system that makes loading-unloading operations simpler and faster.


Model Leonardo
Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 3050
Depth (mm) 2200
Compressed air 7


One year from the date of invoice

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