"Genuine parts are designed and crafted with preciseness  "

Purchase Protection Plan

Eastman Original Parts

Genuine Eastman parts are only available from authorized Eastman representatives such as IIGM. Inferior substitutes may save you money in the short run, but dependable Eastman quality will protect your investment in the long run. 

Eastman blades for your straight knife cutting machine feature an exclusive heat-tempering process that hardens the blade's cutting area while maintaining flexibility in the blade's tang. Every Eastman blade is precisely machined to hold critical tolerances of plus or minus .001 inches. The poor quality and inconsistent thickness of generic blades accelerate the wear and tear on critical parts such as the slides, crosshead and guides. A part that is only a few thousands of an inch out of tolerance can cause a major machine failure. The resulting increase in maintenance and down-time more than offsets the non-genuine blade's cheaper price. 

Ask us for a comprehensive list of high quality blades, parts and accessories, machined with specific tolerances available to maintain reliable performance levels. A range of cutting tool adapters are available to store over 60+ variations of blade shapes and sizes:

  • Round Knife (28mm, 45mm, 60mm, 75mm and more)
  • Drag Knife (30 degree, 45 degree, 55 degree)
  • 1" Drag Knife with 55 degree blade
  • Slitter Knife
  • Hole Punch - many sizes available
  • "V" Notch
  • "V" Knife Cutter
  • Chalk Marking Tool
  • Corner Punch
  • Carpet Cutter
  • Creasing Drag Assembly
  • 45 degree Angle Plunge Assembly
  • Pin perforating assembly
  • Wire brush buffing assembly
  • Perforating round blades
  • Depth Scales & Tool Changing Stations

Consumable Eastman replacement parts for low-ply automated cutting systems fit not only Eastman, but virtually all models of "pizza wheel" type automated cutting systems. Eastman rotary blades can be used as replacement blades for Gerber cutting systems and are also compatible with Olfa, Fiskars and Kai blade holders. Punches and notching tools are machined to exact specifications and are available in 15 variations. Marking tools such as the Fisher 2.7-inch pressurized plotter pen refills are available.

*NOTE: Please contact IIGM or view our online parts portal to purchase.


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- Ravi, Peenya 2nd stage

Product Review

"we need spair parta of wood 7,"" cutter pls respond "

- shanwer , jammu

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"Cutting machine bottom roller manufacturers"

- Salim khan, Relationship devloper

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"Eastman blower armature required"

- Munish Dadwal, Owner

Product Review

"Machine is good but spar parts no"

- A.Theaus hercules, Electrician
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