"Studies recommend 20 lumens of LED light at the needle point "

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Sewing Machine LED Lights

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode and extensive research only took place in 1960 by Texas Instruments and General Electric. They discovered that miniature crystals (gallium arsenide) gave off infrared radiation when electric current was applied. This sparked the LED revolution as Boshite lead the way for the industrial era.

There are various LED's offered by us but are generally classified into a needle point LED and an on the table LED. The following are most important and advantageous when choosing LED lights for your factory:

  • It is a low voltage solution reducing electricity costs
  • Banded products are directly correlated to the LED Lamp life
  • LED's emit a warmer light as compared to regular lights
  • LED's are available in a wide range of voltages
  • You can control the density of an LED light
  • The design and wiring are aesthetically important 

Our philosophy states that "today's quality is tomorrow's market; credibility is an invisible market; customer's satisfaction is an eternal market". To purchase any of our products in India, please click buy from IIGM's online portal above. 

Product Review

"I am interest your products "

- Nurul , Manager

Product Review

"require led light for sewing machine"

- bharat, HOD Engineering

Product Review

"Pls provide Quote and Picture of LED lamps for Sewing Machine Heads. Power Rating also."

- Roshan Sinha, Head of Operations

Product Review

"Need boshite sewing machine led lamp with 3 level brightness controller 200nos. Regular order. Need pricing and image "

- Devendra Kumar Jain , Owner
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