"LG's soft stitch is your best partner for making good quality intimate garments "

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LG Series

1 Needle Lock stitch Plain ZigZag Sewing machine for "Soft Stitch"


  • High stitch performance -achieving real "soft stitch"-Well balanced seam minimizes tunnel and puckering .even on soft and lightweight fabric and make your garments more beautiful to look at and more comfortable to wear.
  • High machine performance - Reducing operators' fatigue in use. Yamato's precise manufacturing technology,based on long experience in high speed sewing machine production, enables smooth machine run.This feature helps stress-free operation for stable finishing quality.
  • Back tacker (Solenoid type)
  • Compact type clamp system automatic tape feeder
  • Automatic under thread trimmer,with "Anti-Bird's Nest" Function.

 Technical Specifications









Stitch Pattern Wide plain zigzag stitch narrow plain zigzag stitch 3 step zigzig stitch
Machine speed 5000spm
Max.Stitch length 1.3mm(LW) 2.0 mm(LW) 1.3 mm(LW)
5.0 mm(MW) 4.2 mm(MW) 2.5 mm(MW)
Max.Stitch Bite 8.0 mm 5.0 mm 8.0 mm
Foot lift 6.2 mm 6.2 mm 6.2 mm
5.6 mm 5.6 mm 5.6 mm
Needle Bar stroke 33.4 mm
Application For zig-zag seaming in general Attaching lace,making shoulder straps,etc Elastic seaming on lady's foundation,etc

Product Review

"I want to buy zig zag sewing machine for industrial use."

- Jay wardhani, Owner

Product Review

"Please let me know the cost of the machine"

- Shrey Shah, Proprietor
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