"Direct Drive Single Needle  Lockstitch sewing machine with edge cutter "

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Computerized Lockstitch Machine with Edge Trimmer Integrated, Automatic Presser Foot Lifter.


  • Automatic Presser Foot Lifter
  • 26mm Dust Collector Space
  • Integraged, Easy to Install
  • LED light

JK-5558WB is Power saving machine. "W" means semi-dry system.

Product Review

"Om prakash sinh bouddh Vill. Bhatkundha, pol"

- Omprakash sinh bouddh , Om

Product Review

"want to buy industrial purpose"

- Vikram Gupta, employee

Product Review

"Want to know the price "

- Jalil Ansari , Business man

Product Review

"i wanted sewing machine for home purpose do you have any product pertain to that category so please get me some details about that"

- Savo U Kagdi, House wife

Product Review

"Looking forward to procure 300 sewing machines for new toy unit set up."

- Sunilkumar M, GM

Product Review

"I enterested Jack juki sewing machine selling "

- Subhash Hipparkar , Jack
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