"Kansai Special's new overlock machines "

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UK Series

The new UK series is a 1to3 needle, overlock and safety stitch machine.


  • UK 2004S-01M

1 - 3 needle, overlock machine

  • UK 2005S-10M

1 needle, overlock machine for brand hemming mainly, suitable for a T-shirt, underwear, and etc.

  • UK 2014H-40M

2 needle, safety stitch machine for attaching tape suitable for sewing light to mid heavy weight material such as a T-shirt, knit wear, and etc.

  • UK 2116S-30M

2 needle, safety stitch machine for shirring suitable for sewing light to mid heavy weight material such as a curtain, apron, and etc.

  • UK 2116S-30M3x4P

2 needle, safety stitch machine piping suitable for attaching piping cord of the edge of curtains, cushions, bed cover, etc.

  • UK 2116H-03x5x6

2 needle, safety stitch machine for extra heavy materials.

  • UK 2000H-WG

1 needle overlock machine for work glove(wrist part).

This new UK series contains a number of novelty features and benefits.
Major features are as below:

  • Closed type needle bar
  • Needle-thread cooler built in
  • Differential feed fine adjustment.
  • Low vibration, low noise fresh thinking, User-friendly design, Operating the brand new Kansai Special's UK
  • Machine makes your work neat and clean.


  • VTC - Vertical chain cutter
  • Horizontal chain cutter
  • ETC Tape cutter
  • GA -Gathering device
  • BLD - Back latching device
  • DM - Direct Motor

Technical Specifications


Product Review

"Bharat "

- Bharat, bharat

Product Review

"Sir UK 2000 machine repair manual guide book "

- Muhammad Irshad, Tacnsion

Product Review

"We need overlock machine kansai"


Product Review

"Call me "

- Paul, Woner
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