"For sewing car seats of light- to heavy-weight materials without using any additional devices "

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1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook and Automatic Thread Trimmer


Car seats are intended to keep drivers safe and comfortable. To achieve this purpose, car seats of a good design are required. In addition, specially fabricated materials (such as special light-weight materials) are widely used. The machine is capable of sewing a broader range of materials, from light-weight materials, which are hard for conventional feed dogs to handle and gauges designed for medium- to heavy-weight materials.


  • Responsiveness to a broader range of materials

Taking an extreme example, in a process where different types of materials are used or where materials that differ in thickness are used, the machine is able to sew the materials in one shot without adjusting the needle thread tension. The machine, therefore, reduces the load applied to the materials and produces uniformly-tensed stitches with consistency

  • Adaptable range of sewing
  • The machine prevents fabric yarn breakage when using a thin needle
  • The machine is able to perform low-tension sewing where less of a load is applied to the material

Technical Specification

Model Name  LU-1510NA-7
Max. sewing speed  2000sti/min
Stitch Length  7mm (forward/backward)
Needle bar stroke  38mm
Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 9mm, aUTO: 16mm
Thread take-up  Slide Type
Alternating vertical movement  1~6.5mm
Hook Vertical-axis double-capacity hook
Needle  135 x 17
Pitch changing method  By Dial
Lubrication  Automatic
Lubricating oil  JUKI MACHINE OIL No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)

Product Review

"We need industrial walking foot Mechine for Sofa manufacturing industry "

- Fayaz Khan , Proprietor
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