"Equipped with Large Hook & the Bobbin change over time will be reduced "

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Global WF 3995 Series

Single needle, top feed machines

WF 3995 DD

High-speed, single needle, drop feed machine with alternating outside presser foot and large horizontal axis hook. The machine has fully automatic lubrication and direct drive built-in motor. The bobbin winder is built-in the machine head.

WF 3995 AUT

Same as WF 3995 DD, but with thread trimmer and automatic back tack.

Technical Specifications

Model WF 3995 Series
Motor Direct Drive
Speed 2000 spm
Feed type Top & Bottom
Lubrication Fully automatic
Stitch length 8mm max
Presser foot lifting

By hand: 8mm By knee: 14mm

Led light Standard
Bobbin winder Built-in the machine head
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