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"Rs.10,000 - Best Blindstitch Tailor Machine in India "

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Rs.10,000 - Best Blindstitch Tailor Machine in India

Function Characteristic:

1.Built-in motors:Equipped with mini motor and unnecessary for table and bracketused freely if fixed onside the work plate and connected electrically.

2.Blindstitch sewing:The single thread chain stitch hides itself so that we can not see it from the outside which makes the cloths much neater and more elegant.


Widely used for hemming cuffs,pants, shirts, gloves,socks,etc, and suits various material such as cotton wool chemical fiber etc. Especially for clothes monopolistic shops,dry cleaner and small scale production of clothes factories.<Suitable: store, family use>

Specifications :

Stitch spec: single thread chain stitch
Max speed: 1200 rpm/min
Stitch length: 4mm-8mm
Skip device: 1:1 2:1
Needle: LWX6T 9# 11# 14#

Product Review

"Inquiry for blind stitch\heming machine"

- Ram babu Aggarwal, Owner
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