"Stable seam, fine quality finish and high versatility with easy adjustment "

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CM 351 class

Blindstitch Machine which supports strongly with stable steam


  • Push button type stitch length adjuster
  • This threading enables easy change of thread tension
  • Looper adjustment lever (B) is equipped as standard for easy adjustment of looper position according to needle size
  • One touch change of skip stitch
  • Finger Guard is equipped around the looper carrier for operator's safety and prevention from trouble such as entangled fabric around moving parts
  • Felling depth is changed simply by turning Penetration Dial (E) to "MORE" or "LESS"
  • Cloth Retainer enables easy material handling

Technical Specifications

Model CM 351 class
No. of needles 1
No. of threads 1
Needle gauge -
Stitch length 3.2 - 5.5                                               
Presser foot lifter 10
Needle bar stroke -
Speed 3000

Product Review

" Yamatoblind stitch machine. Price?"

- Deo Narayan Yadav, HR

Product Review

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- SRINIVAS, Pant making

Product Review

"I am looking to buy one Blind hem machine for trousers "

- Riaz Khan , Partner

Product Review

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- Dinesh namdev, Sr mechanic

Product Review

"I would like to know the price for Yamato blind stitch machine price. Model # CM351"

- Moncy Mathew, Merchandising & Planning Manager

Product Review

"Want to know the price "

- Hussain, Propritor
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