"Lightning fast, low maintenance,and extremely Simple Reliable Cutting & Plotting "

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iShark Plotter Series

iShark Plotter Series i9-170/i7-190/i7-220

New Plotter series with improved features. 

Product Features:

  • Easy to operate and maintain, and backedup by the superior iShark warranty andservice
  • Superior plot quality at high speeds and Faster turnaround time on customer while delivering superior plot/cut quality
  • Long-lasting and easy-to-use iShark Ink Cartridge.
  • Holds both a pen and a blade. The pen is for plotting and detailing graded patterns with seams, text, notches, grain direction, etc. The blade is to make the perforated cut of the pattern outline. The tool is automatically switched for cutting & plotting
  • i-170 has a maximum cutting pressure of up to 600 g thus making it possible to cut thick paper patterns of up to 60-300 gsm whereby material tension is uphold. 

Other Features:

  • Tank based Ink system ensures continuous supply of ink.
  • 7” LCD Touch screen interface is intuitive and simple to understand
  • Servo Motor Drive, High Precision & Low noise.
  • New curved surface structure design helps paper to fit perfectly while printing / cutting resulting in perfect print/cut
  • Independent double pressure wheel structure for quick change of pattern / plotter paper settings. 
  • iShark Blade holder with 12 adjustable stalls which is fast and convenient
  • iShark blade is made of Japanese custom made diamond blade which has a life of 4-8 times that of ordinary blade
  • Automatic Paper Cut / Manual One Key cut
  • Compatible with all CAD software's.
  • Double Feeding System for both plotter paper and pattern sheet

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows System, including WIN7,
  • WIN8, WIN10.
  • CPUIntel Core i3
  • Memory 2GB or more
  • Hard disk above 500GB
  • Opcal drive
  • USB2.0

Product Review

"Requirement of a plotter"

- Akhil Thulaseedharan, Business Head

Product Review

"send me info about this product"

- atul, designer
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