"Eliminates ironing of the cuff completely and gives a perfect shape "

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Cuff Blocking NS-85P/NS-85LP

Eliminates ironing of the cuff completely with independent digital thermostat and easy touch screen operations.


  • Suitable for pressing garment cuff
  • Apply PLC and human-machine touch screen for operation
  • Independent digit thermostat for more accurate temperature control
  • Expandable mould to form the shape of cuff and clip to fix the cuff position for fine pressing effect
  • Automatically collecting materials with air blowing after cuff pressing with high productive efficiency
  • Average production is 2400 pcs/8hrs
  • NS-85P only has lower mould heating, only above half part of cuff can be formed into certain shape and pressed, cuff width 13”; NS-85LP: lower and upper moulds can heat, get certain shape and press the margin, cuff width 16.5”
  • NS-85P adopts bottom clip, NS-85LP adopts surface clip

Technical Specifications

Model NS-85P NS-85LP
Power Supply 1PH/220V/50Hz 1PH/220V/50Hz
Total Power (kW) 2.2 4.2
Heater Power (kW) 2 4
Mould Size (inch) 4x14 6x17
Compressed Air Pressure (kgf/cm²) 4~6 4~6
Compressed Air Consumption (L/min) 150 150
 Cuff Width (inch) 13 16.5
 Machine Size (mm) 715x940x1246 780x1040x1230

Product Review

"required a ngai shing "

- tabrez, maintenance manager

Product Review

"I am interested in machine AUTOMATIC ROTATION ARM HOLE PRESS but first I want to know if you have the folder to apply the fusion to the arm, if you don't have it do you know where can I get it. Also I News the machine and the folder for pressing the side of the shirt. Can you send me a catalog of your products."

- Miguel Haddad , Director

Product Review

"PDF File Download NS photosho p nagashing cup status machine magazine the ball cap status machine PDF file download permission please made in Bangladeshi civil war Camila Amritsar limited Chittagong Camilla Bangladesh army shot limited"

- Forkhan Ahmed, Amir

Product Review

"I need instrodution manual "

- E. Loganathan , Maintanence Incharge
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