"Pocket folding & pressing for thin fabric pockets of any shape "

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Pocket folding & Pressing NS-9084 S-ND

Pocket folding & pressing for thin fabric pockets of any shape with a double press system


  • Fit for folding & pressing thin fabric pockets such as shirt, fabric, etc.
  • Double press system: upper mould can retract and then press the pocket again, result will be better
  • Equipped with double posts to fix, make the upper mould more stable while running
  • The size of lower mould is adjustable; the front and rear part of the heating template can move down separately in order to move the pocket easily
  • Could shift to round pocket, square pocket, hexangular and triangular shaped pocket, high degree of automatic (should purchase another relevant pocket mould to work together)
  • Apply PLC and human friendly touch screen for operation
  • The lower mould can spray steam (need to connect to external steam supply unit) for more excellent pocket pressing.

Technical Specifications

Model NS-9084S-N NS-9084S-ND NS-9084S-L
Power Supply 1PH/220V/50Hz 1PH/220V/50Hz 1PH/220V/50Hz
Total Power (kW)


2.6 1.3
Size of creased pocket (inch)

W: 3 ¾ ~ 7

L: 4 ¾ ~ 7 ½

W: 3 ¾ ~ 7

L: 4 ¾ ~ 7 ½

W: 4 ¼ ~ 9 ½

L: 4 ¾ ~ 9 ½

Compressed Air Pressure (kgf/cm²) 5 5 5
Compressed Air Consumption (L/min) 57 100 57
Steam Pressure (kgf/cm²) 3 3 3
Net Weight (kg) 102 250 125
Machine Size (mm) 1060x620x1050 1410x1020x1180 1260x700x1050

Product Review

"I just need pocket Ironing machine for knits product like knits shirt n skirt back pocket "

- Uma Shankar Sinha , GM

Product Review

"I m ricvayrment machine pocket crresing shart machine pocket folding"

- Vasim pathan, Shart

Product Review

"pocket machine"


Product Review

"We are Leather grament and bag manufacturers, does this machine work on thin , soft lamb leathers?"

- Shruti Mangla, COO

Product Review

"I will like to know the price on this machine thanks"

- Irma A Wade, Pocket presing

Product Review

"I need quotation for NS-9084 S-ND pocket pressing machine two stations. best regards. ignacio."


Product Review

"Price of Products"

- Md.M.R Sohayel, Managing Director

Product Review

"What will be the production capacity of NS-9084S-N"

- Udit Mital, President Sales
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