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NS-8408 L/R, Automatic Shirt Sleeve Press

 Automatic shirt sleeve press - left/right

Key features 

• It is mainly suitable for double sleeve of shirt wrinkle free pressing

• Adopt pneumatic hydraulic booster for vertical pressing, featuring heavy and even pressure and fine pressing effect

• Adopt PLC and touch screen for programmable and easy operation

• With shirt sleeve holder for avoiding shift during pressing

• Three independent digital thermostats for accurate temperature control to the upper mould, temperature tolerance of each heating point is within ±2.5℃

• The lower mould can shift from left to right or vice versa for meeting different sized sleeve

• Laser marker for fixing the pressing position more accurately

• Independent vacuum device, easy to fix; fine garment cooling and shaping effect

• Adopt safety guard and manual mould rising device for safe operation

• The shape and size of the lower mould are based on the pattern provided by customer

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