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VT - 12 Pr, Ironing Table

Ironing Table with flexibility to finish all type of garments


  • The modern & sturdy design in vacuum table for wrinkle free and shine less finishing.
  • Strong suction ensures extraction of moisture for imeccable finish & also holds the garments in firm position for easy handling.
  • Most effecient table top with uniform erforation prevents table wetting through thermostatically controlled surface elements.
  • Hammertone Coating with rust prevention treatment.
  • Long lasting imorted Silicon foam for uniform surface.
  • Polyster cover for heat and shine prevention.
  • Aluminium motor for longer life.
  • The components are easily detachable and can be replaced within moments for servicing.
  • Table top perforations are symmetrical for uniform suction on complete top.
  • Ductable exhaust to reduce noise & humidity in the finishing hall.
  • The top sheet is galvanized iron, powder coated for rust prevention.


  • Light & utility tray fixture.
  • Swivel Buck arm, customized for contour pressing.
  • Blowing assembly.

Technical Specifications:

Model VT - 12 VT - 20 VT - 12 Pr VT - 06 VT - U04

Top Size cms

122x82 153x112 112x82 106x61 As per request
Suction Motor hp 0.50 0.75 0.50 0.50 0.50
Power Consumption kw 1.20 0.50 / 1.30 1.20 0.80 0.80
Voltage volts 220 380 220 220 220
Dimesions mm 1425x815x860 1725x1120x860 1425x815x860 1700x435x840 1700x435x840
Weight kg 70 98 75 78 78

Product Review

"Need vaccum iron table with press and boiler, ned 4 machines"

- B. B. Mokashi, Plant Head
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