"Suitable for lady blouse and intermediate ironing "

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NS-3531, Vacuum Ironing Table

Vacuum Ironing Table with Single Buck


  • Suitable for lady blouse and intermediate ironing
  • Easy and facility operation , small occupation area, adjustable table  height etc
  • High quality fan for strong vacuum ,fast start and stop speed
  • Heat resistance ironing cloth and spongy foam
  • Combination structure for easy transportation and installation
  • Table top and buck with heater could reduce water accumulation

Technical Specifications

Model NS-3531, NS-3533
Power Supply 3PH/380V/50Hz
Motor (HP) 1
Table top heater (kW) 0.6
Ironing arm heater (kW) 0.2
Weight (kg) 170
Machine size (mm) 1530x530x1640

Machine Drawing

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