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NS 200A Upper Hanger Conveyor

Upper Hanger Conveyor


  • Maximize automatization in pressing transportation, which improves working efficiency and saves labor; working together with ironing table, shirt folding table, etc. could achieve line processing and production of garment pressing, packing, etc.
  • Avoid chance of wrinkle and dirty during human transportation.
  • Standard length: 8ft per section; Nonstandard length is also available according to the customers’ special requirements.
  • Standard width:18 〃and  24 〃
  • Circulation cycling to transport garment to another section or department.
  • Special conveyor structure can keep the garment clean without dirty.
  • NS-300 lower belt conveyor transports the pressed and folded garment to packing department.
  • Delivered part:  Speed control system.
  • Optional parts:  Hanger, trousers hanger, clip.
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