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Heat transfer press machine


  • This heat transfer press machine is driven by motor , it doesn't require air system. (Easy installation and simple maintenance)
  • Lower pressure plate is set on plinth and can be changed easily.
  • The electronic thermostat and solid state relay minimize thermal difference.
  • The upper pressure plate adopts an anti-static electricity Teflon sheet, so that it can be cleaned easily.

Technical Specifications

Model HSP-5400
Power supply Single phase
Rated output 1.1 KW
Max. Pressure 300gs / cm2
Pressing method Motor
Max. temperature 230°C
Dimensions of plate 500mm x 400mm    20" x 16"
Dimensions (W) 517mm    20.6"
(D)  930mm    37.2"
(H)  495mm    19.8"
Weight 106Kgs, 233bl
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