Barudan, Japan

In 1959, Barudan invented the world’s first multi-head Embroidery machine in Japan. Since then, Barudan has a number of inventions to its credit, including the world’s first Computerized Muti-head Embroidery machine. Working with their Corporate motto ″Working in Harmony″ Barudan provides its customers with its dependable and reliable Embroidery machines, in multiple configurations.

YN Sequin

Round Head Machine with Rotating Sequin Attachment. ...

Application: Doing Sequin Embroidery.

Sequin (Z)

Machine with Single Sequin Attachment. ...

Application: Sequin Embroidery work.

Twin Sequin (Z)

Machine with two sequin attachment / Quad Sequin Attachment. ...

Application: Two different types of Sequin embroidery.