When you ask anyone in the apparel decorating business about Rhinestones or Rhinestone transfers, the CAMS Rhinestone Machine is usually at the top of the list of choices. CAMS Machines became popular at the start of the rhinestone transfer trend because of their reasonable entry price, great speed and performance. They continue to lead the pack because they lead in technology advances, while still maintaining reliability and are backed up by the best training in the business


The 1V2P is our entry level rhinestone transfer machine, but don't let it's position in our line up fool you - it...


Real Commercial Production The CAMS 4H-3P produces four times the production with less than two-thirds of the cost of its...

Application: Rhinestome High Productivity

CAMS (1V-6)

VISUAL IMPACT - COLOR AND SIZES - THE 6 HOPPER SYSTEM For the professional embellisher who’s wanting to produce mul...

Application: Rhinestone Machine