Hashima-KM, Japan

In May 1956 in the beautiful town of Gifu, Japan, HASHIMA SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD. was founded. The Company has grown and manufactures the renowned Hashima brand of Fusing Press, Needle detectors, Heat transfer press, Quilting machines and x-ray Inspection machine. HASHIMA CO.LTD. has extended widely into the International markets through its Global partners and is now distributed all over the world.

Compact Fusing Press - HP 450MS

The upper belt wrapping prevention system adopt direct limit switch type like lower belt warping prevention system. It incre...

Application: Fusing materials

Straight Linear Fusing Press HP-1000LS/1200LS

The big pressurization roller assures uniform high pressure. The horizontal pressurization prevents puckering. The cooling f...

Application: Fusing

Straight Linear Fusing Press HP-600LF/LFS,900LF/LFS

The automatic Belt Warping Prevention Device keeps both the upper and lower belts in the same position. Using the feedback s...

Application: Fusing materials

Rotary Fusing Press - HPM 600DA

Rotary Press ...

Application: Fusing materials

Heat Transfer Press - HP 10 P

Fully Automatic air driven type The horizontal pressurization of the heat transfer machine is used to transfer a motif or...

Application: Heat Transferring Images onto Fabrics

Heat Transfer Press - HP 4536A-12

Fully automatic air driven type The Horizontal pressure system gives uniform pressure, assuring no slippage of products....

Application: Heat Transferring Images onto Fabrics

HP 124A / 124AP

Fully Automatic Flat Fusing Press ...


Fully automatic flat fusing press ...

Application: flat fusing press

HP-84A / 54A

Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Press ...

Application: Heat transfer
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