"Eliminates colour mismatching in garments and other sewn goods "

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All data is stored within the c-tex software for easy production planning. The data can also be used for consultations with your fabric providers. The c-tex colour: roll batcher can be retrofitted onto existing c-tex Fabric Inspection and Relaxing Machines and also other makes and models of inspection and re-rolling equipment. c-tex colour: roll batcher automatically generates a pass or fail report based on your colour match standards.


  • Batch rolls according to colour variation for production planning
  • Colour variation illustrated in terms of Delta E Compare suppliers colour quality.
  • Colour Roll map to identify end-to-end and edge-to-edge shading.
  • c-tex generates a pass or fail report based on your colour match standards.
  • Either inspect against a scanned standard swatch or true colour.
  • Export to marker maker/nesting software to change your markers according to colour variation across the width and length.


  • Simple colour management of fabric in your factory and factories globally
  • Get the best from your fabric providers by sharing objective feedback on colour consistency
  • Significantly reduce 2nd products as a result of colour mismatching
  • Eliminate material losses incurred by taking swatches & reallocate valuable lab resource
  • Eliminate swatching process saving materials, time and resource.
  • Reduce cut panel sorting before sewing.



Delta E Equations capability: CIE1976, CMC2:1, CMC1:1
Chromaticity: TL84, D65, incandescent, cool white and others upon request
Accuracy of the system: 5 times better than visual, 0.2 Delta E (slight variation can result depending on what Delta E Equation is used)
Maximum Material Speed under sensors: 200m/min, Readings per Second: 11
Colour Monitoring of Patterned Fabric: Yes, on condition that patterns repeat throughout the length


C-tex colour: roll batcher is made up of a sensor array and a master sensor. Colour data is input to the master sensor. The user can scan a master colour swatch as the colour template, or a fabric sample can be used as a control, or the user can key in the X, Y, Z colour coordinators. The other sensor array then compares the colour of the fabric rolls processed against the master sensor data.




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