"Eliminates colour mismatching in garments and other sewn goods "

Purchase Protection Plan

NS 58H/L Cloth winding Inspection Machine with edge control

Cloth Winding Inspection Machine with Edge Control Device (with automatic electric eye)

Unique Features of this machine are: 

  • Suitable for winding and inspecting finished cloth, especially for woven fabric
  • Stepless speed regulating at a range of 4~37 meters per minute
  • Equipped with electric eyes for automatic edge control and tidy cloth winding
  • Adjustable cloth winding tension for different cloth winding and inspecting requirement 
  • Cloth inspection board is made of ivory-white acrylic for even and soft light
  • Bidirectional roll shaft for convenient winding and inspecting
  • Equipped with digital counter (could switch between meter and yardage) for measuring winding & inspecting length accurately
  • Optional part: Fabric loosening system

Technical Specifications

NS-58H-72  3PH/380V/50Hz  4  72  1040  1252  2370x1720x1870
NS-58H-84  3PH/380V/50Hz  4  84  1180  1380  2675x1720x1870
NS-58H-96  3PH/380V/50Hz  4  96  1310  1510  2980x1720x1870
NS-58L-72  3PH/380V/50Hz  3.5  72  778  990  2370x1520x1870
NS-58L-84  3PH/380V/50Hz  3.5  84  797  1080  2675x1570x1870
NS-58L-96  3PH/380V/50Hz  3.5  96  816  1165  2980x1570x1870


NS 58

 1PH/220V/50Hz  0.75  72  150  180  2420x750x880
  1PH/220V/50Hz  0.75  84  180  210  2650x750x880
  1PH/220V/50Hz  0.75  96  220  260  2950x750x880

Machine Drawing

*NOTE: all Ngai Shing Products sold in india are through IIGM's authorized sales representatives. 

Product Review

"Hi I am Lakmali from Sri Lanka. we are looking for Ngai Shing NS 58 machine. Is this available With you.If Yes can I have a Price quotation with the warranty period."

- Lakmali Gallage, Assitant Purchasing Manager

Product Review

"Ns 58 machine PDF and parts book send me."

- Malik, Mechanical

Product Review

"Rewinding and inspection machines for 124 inch woven PP fabrics 100gsm "

- Anil Bagga , Director

Product Review

"Please send me price of your fabric inspection machine.We are new in denim garments production. We'll go for production within next three month."

- hasan, md

Product Review

"Please send the rate for fabric checking and winding machines"

- Abbas k Mankada , Proprietor
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