• Work Aids for Productivity

"Work Aids are used to speed up production and make processes simpler "

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Work Aids for Productivity

Ngai Shing's work aids are used in most professionally run factories in the world today because they reduce the workload on an operator and handling time which, allows to control and maintain the garment quality while increasing productivity. More importantly, one of IIGM's technical staff can study your operations in depth to show you relevant work aids necessary to manufacture your specific product.

There are several types of work aids readily available at IIGM's warehouses: 

  • Guides: are used for correct sewing in a predetermined position or in a determined and proper distance from the edge of a fabric. It is also used in straight or curved sewing to increase productivity through the use of edge guides.
  • Compensating Presser Foot: has two section and each section can perform their work in different heights to with the help of a spring. These are specifically used for sewing thick fabrics such as collar closing and seam pocketing.
  • Specialised Presser Foot: is used for attaching pipped shape trimmings like braids or elastics. It is suitable for sewing very close to the chain or the pipe.
  • Stitching Jig: is specifically used for sewing small parts of garments. They can be used for die cutting parts that are being attached with the stitching jig or to sew two or more fabric patterns to be sewn along a slot line.
  • Rack Guide: is used to attach lace, braids and elastics with garment parts. It is used in front of the presser foot for the placement of the lace or braiding the predetermined position of the rolls.
  • Stackers: are used to shift garments from one machine to the next through hanging layers. It reduces time, manpower and also protects the from unexpected folds, dust and dirt.

The following are a limited set of examples of work aids that are offered by IIGM:


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