"Puller Attachment for all types of sewing machines. "

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PL, Puller

These pullers are used for all types of sewing machines for productivity enhancement and better stitch quality.

It has got 55 mm Roller (for Single Needle or Double Needle (Regular) Roller)


The puller roll is located very close to the sewing foot, the distance is adjustable. Special sewing feet allow extremely short distances:

  • Extremely good climbing characteristics, also at high speed
  • Automatic lift-up when the presser feet lift-up
  • The puller swings up behind the sewing foot when not required
  • Precise control via the motor control at all speeds


  • You can disengage roller if not needed.
  • Extremely close pulling, facilitates curve and short sewing on thin materials.
  • Large space for operation.
  • Various optional rollers for different kinds of material.
  • PL-S1 used for Flat Bed Cover Stitch.
  • PL-S2 used for Cylinder bed Cover Stitch.


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"We want puller attachment s pl call"

- Kundan Kankaria, Director

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- Santosh, Store inc

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- Khalid, My

Product Review

"Want Puller for sewing machine."

- Ugale parmeshwar, Assistant

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"Need racing puller for jack single needle sewing machine"

- Abidali syed, Owner

Product Review

"PL reshimng puller"


Product Review

"Provide more details"

- Prakash Bhadke, MD

Product Review

"Racing swing pullar price"

- Mohd husan, Production manager

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"Dear sir We want racing puller pl Attachment So send me your best price "

- chhatrapati sewing machine , Owner
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