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ZZ 1560 Series

High Speed Zig Zag Machines

Series with Features

  • ZZ 1560

High speed zig-zag machines, semi automatic lubrication, built-in bobbin winder.

Sliding excentric reverse feed, pendant link feed mechanism.

  • ZZ 1560 AUT

Same as ZZ 1560, but equipped with automatic thread trimmer, back tack and presser foot lifter. (all electric)

Technical Specifications

Model ZZ 1560 Series
Machine Speed Max 5000 spm
Oiling System Semi automatic
Feed Type Drop feed
Hook Type

1565 standard hook

1566 / 1568 large hook

Presser Foot Lift Max 12 mm
Stitch Length Max 5 mm
Needle Type 134 R
Zig Zag width Max 10 mm
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