• GL 3811

"For Shoe Upper "

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GL 3811

Gathering Sewing Machine for Shoe Upper


  • Single needle, gathering lockstitch machine, with large hook for shoe upper.
  • The differential feed and variable top feed ensure accurate gathering.
  • Mechanical gathering control: by operating the switch, at the needle bar end of the machine, which changes from flat sewing to gathering.
  • The machine will be supplied with Ho Hsing i-drive motor, automatic presser foot lifter, edge guide, tape guide
  • and tape reel bracket.
  • The machine is suitable for processing California style shoes, clogs and moccasins.
  • To increase the gathering effect, a reinforcing tape is sewn on simultaneously and holds the gathering in place.

Technical Specifications

Model GL 3811
Machine Speed Max 2000 spm
Oiling System Manual hook automatic
Gathering Stitch Length 2 mm (lock stitch)
Standard Stitch length Max 8 mm
Presser foot lift Max 5 mm
Needle type DP x 17

Product Review

"Global Gl-3811 machine Quotation required on mail for 1 pcs.kindly arrange to send."

- sandeep kumar, Senior Manager R&D

Product Review

"What is the price of this machine"

- Paarth industries, Delhi

Product Review

"Please the price "

- Ajeet Singh, Manager
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