Sprayway, USA

Headquartered in Addison, Illinois, Sprayway has manufactured a complete line of industrial MRO for Garmenting, Screen Printing and Housekeeping products since 1947. Sprayway has been an innovative industry leader, and its Sprayway Spot Lifter is recognized as the world's best.

Sprayway Spot Lifter 830

Removes oil and grease stains and deals with all types of fabrics. ...

Application: To remove Machine oil stains from garments and fabric

Sprayway Spot Lifter 831

Removes oil and grease stains. Specially designed as a fast dry powder system. ...

Application: To remove Machine oil stains from garments and fabric

Sprayway Spot Lifter SW 833

833 Spot Lifter contains no chlorinated solvents. It removes grease and oil stains from slipcovers, clothing, hats, and neck...

Application: To remove Machine oil stains from garments and fabric

SW 031 Crazy Clean


Application: Maintenance

SW 063-C60 Solvent Degreaser


SW 823 Fusing Machine Cleaner

Fusing Machine Cleaner effectively removes adhesive residue from the operating surfaces of interlining fusing machines. ...

Application: To clean operating surfaces of interlining fusing machines

SW 050 Glass Cleaner

SW 050 Glass Cleaner for cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, windshields and windows. ...

Application: To clean the glass surfaces

SW 945 Silicone Spray

Silicone spray retards corrosion. Makes cleaning easier and quicker. Dries fast with no greasy or oily film. It saves valuab...

Application: Garment processing to reduce the friction and frictional heat and in Maintenance as a dry lubricant

SW 077 Industrial Silicon Lubricant

SW077 All purpose - Dry lubricant and Release Agent. It stops sticking and retards corrosion. ...

Application: Protects battery terminals, tools, aluminium windows & doors

SW 090 (RD-90) Spray Lubricant

SW 090 Industrial RD 90 provides a fine film coating that keeps moving parts and operating mechanisms running smoothly while...

Application: For quick release of rusted parts

SW 821 No Fray Spray

SW 821 The fast-drying No Fray Spray helps the needle trade professional by preventing the unraveling of fabric and the slip...

Application: Prevents the unraveling of fabric

SW 084 Fast Tack

SW 084 Fast Tack Super Flash Pallet Adhesive - A high quality industrial grade spray adhesive with extra-ordinary heat res...

Application: Flash Cure Applications
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